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We Respect


Developing successful relationships based on mutual respect is key to our success and enables students to thrive. We create a safe classroom environment where students feel their voice is respected. We value emotional intelligence within the school. We reward good work, effort and behaviour and ensure students work hard and achieve well.

 SEN and Inclusion

A culture of respect enables us to develop a very inclusive ethos. Students are tested for their reading and spelling ages, as well as their working memory. This ensures their needs are met in both the classroom and socially. The inclusion team works closely with teachers to ensure all students can achieve their goals and extra support can be given.

 PSHCE Curriculum

Our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship (PSHCE) programme enables students to discuss difficult topics such as healthy eating and living, sexual relationships, drugs and alcohol awareness, mental health issues and anti-bullying within a respectful environment. This allows them to develop their understanding and respect others’ views.


The team-building and competitive aspect of sport helps develop respect between students. The success our teams experience at local and national level inspires us all. From Swimming, Skating, Basketball, lawn tennis etc… students enjoy the fitness, competition, skills and respect they develop through sport.